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Residential solutions

Commercial quality with residential simplicity is crucial to Avunet’s Residential grid tied systems.

All of our residential systems use the same industrial grade components as our commercial solutions so that you have the most reliable and cost effective system possible. All carry industry leading warranties of up to 25 years on major components, ensuring your investment will be producing clean, silent, solar electricity for years to come.

The advanced monitoring software allows full system monitoring from anywhere the internet is available. Having the ability to look into the health of the system and being able to compare production directly against neighbors or friends is something that no other investment can offer. The easy to use web page and interactive tools make the investment in solar not only functional but fun.

As a homeowner, installing solar energy not only provides ongoing long-term benefits in the form of lower power bills, but also adds market value to your home. So when you decide to sell your house, your solar panels become an attractive selling factor. We carry many different roof mounting solutions to fit any roof surface.

The future health of our planet and our families depends on our ability to do the right thing and to make the right choices. These choices will have a lasting impact for generations to come. Avunet is committed to bringing the technology we need to the doorsteps of everyone willing to do their part. The simplest changes in our daily lives make big differences – installing renewable energy is a positive and lasting legacy to leave our earth and our children.

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