Detached House

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33 Jinko solar panels with a total of 8745 Wp

This beautiful detached house in Valkenswaard is a nicely renovated house with a sizable roof pointing to the south-east. The owners of the house wanted to transform the free energy of the sun into electrical power for personal consumption. But they also wanted it to look nice because the roof is facing the garden. Furthermore they also wanted to have full control and view of in the solar energy production.

Avunet used the full roof to cover it with ethetical black solar panel. The panels have integrated power optimizers from SolarEdge which gives the owners full control and view over the energy production of each panel. Also this system is shade-tolerant from the tree on the left side of the roof.

The main advantages of power optimizers:

      • Maximum yield because each solar panel exploits the maximum light

      • This system can be mixed with panels facing a different angle to the sun

      • Monitor yield per solar panel via the (mobile) app

      • Very robust solution, the inverter has more 2x longer life time as string inverters

Disadvantage of micro-inverters:

      • The initial purchase is higher than string inverters but it pays off over time!

Avunet mounted 33 Jinko Solar 265 Wp black solar panels on a contruction from Würth. The integrated power optimizers are connected to an 8 kilowatt 3-fase SolarEdge inverter.


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